After four weeks of intense work, participants, coaches and hosts gathered on the Zoom platform to celebrate together the end of the first stage of the Journey program. The coaches of the Climate KIC Association, the League of Epheus and Tony Chung, who accompanied the participants throughout the program, made a retrospective each week individually in a humorous format, using elements of music and performance. The participants then shared their impressions related to the experience they gained during these four weeks, both related to systemic changes and socializing and getting to know the ecosystems and culture of the hosts from Limassol, Belgrade and Timisoara.

The final word was given by the hosts of the program: Representative of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Ivana Putnik, assistant from the Faculty of Applied Ecology Futura, Jelena Kokovic, professors from the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration in Timisoara, Delija Gligor and Roxana Bukurean and coordinator of the Sustainable Energy Laboratory Sofia Papadopoulou , from the University of Technology in Cyprus. Participants were introduced to further steps related to the second and third stages of this year’s Journey program, followed by the participants’ gratitude to the entire CYBELT team (hosts and coaches). Satisfaction with the experience they gained during these four weeks could be seen on their faces.

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