Faculty of Applied Ecology – Futura

Teaching method

Teaching method

Modern curricula performed by eminent experts, characterized by consistent implementation of the Bologna Declaration. Number of classes is 70 per course per one semester. The fond of classes per week is up to 60, depending on the study program. Student’s obligations (classes, practices, pre-exam testing, seminar papers, time required for the acquisition of knowledge and other study and extracurricular activities and research paper) do not exceed 40 hours per week or 900 hours per semester.

Strucuture of knowledge evaluation

Presence to lectures, practices and activities during lectures and consultations10-30%, pre-exam testing, seminar papers, Research contributions, colloquiums, tests 20-70%.

Final exam is a maximum of 50%, and for the passing grade 55% is necessary.

Structure of the semestre

  • 14 weeks of teaching
  • 1 week of pre-exam testing of knowledge
  • 1 week of exams
  • A total of 15 teaching weeks + 1 week of exams per semester

Modalities of teaching process

  • European credit transfer system ECTS
  • Working in small groups
  • Mentor and mediation paper
  • Consultations
  • Case Study
  • Involvement in scientific-research projects
  • Highlighting individual development of students
  • Teamwork through the development of interpersonal skills
  • Acquiring practical knowledge
  • Using modern technology
  • Developing computer literacy
  • Encouraging scientific-research paper
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