Environmental Risk Management – RISK MANAGEMENT

Duration of study program: 1 year (II semesters)

ECTS: 60

Academic title: Master Analyst of Environmental Protection

Study program objectives

The aim is to educate and empower a new profile of experts in the context of the growing need for analysis and management of environmental risks coming as a result of increasing technological behavior, namely the pressure on the development. Global environmental change, natural disasters, accidents and controversial technologies have contributed to entering of the risk into the focus of science, state governments and the general public. The need for qualified personnel for the assessment of the complexity of environmental risk is increasing both in European countries and in the Balkans. It is necessary to implement modern approaches to the study of processes as a preventive activity.




Mandatory Elective
1. Environmental Risk and Impact Assessment I 7 Ecological Safety System I 6
2. Environmental Risk Modelling I 7 Pollutants from Industrial Processes I 6
3. Elective 1 I   Hazards and Ecological Disasters I 6
4. Environmental Risk Management II 7 Ecological Management System II 6
5. Methodology of Scientific Research Paper II 7 International Environmental Law and Policy II 6
6. Elective 2 II   Global Monitoring of the Environment and Safety II 6
7. MASTER THESIS II 20      



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