Coordinator for Bachelor studies

Miloš Nikolić


tel: +381 60 69621 21


Study Program Bachelor Studies in Environmental Protection


Duration of Studies 4 years

(8 semesters)

ECTS 240

(60 ECTS per academic year)

Academic title Graduate Analyst of Environmental Protection


 Study Program Bachelor Studies – Environmental Economics


Duration of Studies 4 years

(8 semesters)

ECTS 240

(60 ECTS per academic year)

Academic title Graduate Analyst of Environmental Economics

Study program objectives

The aim is to educate and train experts in the field of integrated protection, control, restoration and preservation of integrity and quality of the environment, based on the synthesis of the structure of geophysical, biochemical, information-technological, legal and economic analysis of the environment.

Type of studies and the outcome of the learning process

Duration of  Bachelor studies is four years (eight semesters).  Together with the acquisition of knowledge in key areas of natural sciences (biology, chemistry, physics, geology …) that are aimed at protecting the environment, students acquire basic knowledge about the legal, political and economic principles and criteria of environmental protection. By mastering the course content, students are trained for identifying and understanding the dynamic and complex processes in the environment. This provides training for comprehensive consideration of the environment through the identification, genesis and structure of processes and flows, as well as the impact on the situation and changes in the ecosystem. By applying methods for measuring and processing of information, in particular the performance of projections and evaluations, students acquire necessary skills to design and control the process, as well as the selection of methods for analyzing key elements and structures in solving environmental problems. With the application of different methods and techniques for measurement and analysis of pollution and degradation, students are trained in the use of software informational systems as key tools and instruments for the adoption of measures and actions in the field of environmental protection in accordance with the principles of sustainable development.

Professional, academic and scientific title

Upon completion of Bachelor studies and 240 ECTS students receive professional titles-Graduate Analyst of Environmental Protection (study program APPLIED ECOLOGY) and Graduate Analyst of Environmental Economics (study program ECOLOGICAL ECONOMICS).

Requirements for admission to the program

Admission of candidates is based on competition announced by Metropolitan University and implemented by the Faculty of Applied Ecology – Futura. In order to apply for the first year of Bachelor Studies of Environmental Protection (Applied Ecology) applicants should:

а) have completed secondary education in four-year duration;

  1. b) pass the entrance exam (general knowledge test and interview)

Candidates for admission are determined on the basis of the general success achieved in secondary education and the results achieved in the entrance exam. Based on the criteria of the competition announced by Metropolitan University, Committee on Admissions compiles a ranking list of applicants. The right to enroll the Bachelor studies has the student who is ranked on the list within the provided number of students for admission (to 81st).

Modes of study

Studies are conducted through classes by an accredited degree program. All courses are one term and there are mandatory and elective courses.