Jelena Radovanović

Coordinator for Master Academic Studies

Jelena Radovanović

e-mail: jelena.radovanović

Tel: 060/3553033

Faculty performs master academic studies for a period of one year (60 ECTS) for students who have completed bachelor studies in a duration of four years.

Depending on the choice of study program, master programs educate professionals who, on the basis of broad knowledge in the field of applied ecology and management of natural resources, ecoremediation techniques aimed at improving the environment and risk management systems in the environment, will be prepared for independent scientific research in institutions dealing with fundamental and applied researches, as well as practical  application of the best available techniques in practice.

Depending on the selected direction (Environmental Protection, Integrated management of natural resources and management of environmental risks) after finishing master studies, there will be experts capable of research and project work in research centers in the field of environmental protection, in institutes for nature protection and national parks, state authorities and local self-inspection services and research centers of various national, private and public enterprises and civil sector in jobs that are directly or indirectly related to environmental protection.

After completing master academic studies, students acquire professional title- Master Analyst of Environmental Protection.

The structure of the study program consists of a set of compulsory and elective study areas (subjects), whose mastering provides necessary knowledge and skills for obtaining a second level degree of academic studies in educational and scientific fields of Natural Sciences and Mathematics and Social Sciences and Humanities.

Curricula od study programs consists of total 26 subject curricula of mandatory and elective subjects and mandatory practical work (student’s self-study).

Each subject from the study program is presented in ECTS, and the volume of studies is presented by the sum of ECTS.

Study programs are in compliance with fundamental principles of the European system of studies defined within the framework of Bologna Declaration. The programs are aligned with accredited programs of foreign higher education institutions. It also complies with European standards in terms of entry, duration of studies, graduation and modes of study.

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