Student parliament

Students’ Parliament is the body of the Faculty.

In order to exercise the rights and protect the interests of students, the Students’ Parliament elects and dismisses students’ representatives in the bodies of the Faculty, performs other tasks in accordance with the Law, the Statute of the University, the Statute and other acts of the Faculty.

  • The aim of the work of  Students’ Parliament of the Faculty is to realize the rights of students and to protect their interests at the Faculty.
  • Students’ Parliament of the Faculty:
  • elects and dismisses the president and the deputy president of the Students’ Parliament
  • issues general acts on its work
  • elects and dismisses students’ representatives in the bodies of the Faculty
  • adopts the annual plan and program of the activities of Students’ Parliament
  • participates in the Faculty’s self-evaluation process, in accordance with the Statute and general acts of the Faculty,
  • considers issues related to security and assessment of teaching quality, reform of study programs, analysis of the effectiveness of studying, determining the number of ECTS points
  • adopts the annual report on the work submitted by the President of the Students’ Parliament
  • influences students’ activity and socializing in cooperation with the Student Career Guidance Center
  • makes decisions regarding the work and functioning of the Student Club (Futura Club)
  • appoints the representatives in the Faculty Council, Teaching and Scientific Council, the Commission for Quality Assurance and Improvement, and
  • performs other tasks, in accordance with the Law and general acts of the Faculty