Faculty of Applied Ecology – Futura

Transfer from other faculties

The Faculty of Futura provides an opportunity for candidates who are already studying at a faculty or high school, to continue their studies in bachelor academic studies.


Step 1. Application

A candidate who transfers from other faculties or colleges can apply via electronic application or send the following information to the e-mail address upis@futura.edu.rs:

*Name and surname of a candidate

*Name of the study program which the candidate is interested in

*Certificate of passed exams in previous studies (with prominent ESP points)

*Plan and program according to which the candidate studied

Step 2. Determining the conditions for transfer to the Faculty of Futura

Based on the submitted documentation, the faculty commission determines the proposal to continue studying.

The candidate is provided with an answer with the following data: the number of recognized exams, the proposal for enrollment for the appropriate year, the number and name of possible differential exams, as well as the tuition fee created on the basis of the proposal.

Note: It is not necessary to pass the differential exams first in order to qualify for the next year, but differential exams can be taken during the year.


Candidates who transfer from other higher education institutions are exempted from taking the entrance exam.

In order to enroll at the faculty, the candidate should submit the necessary documentation within a month.

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