Faculty of Applied Ecology – Futura

Enrollment - Faq


Can I freeze a year?

A student can freeze a year and gain dormant status in cases of: military service, maternity leave or serious illness. Along with the application for freezing the year, the student encloses all the necessary documentation necessary to confirm his status (medical reports, certificate of military service…).
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Renewal of the year

The student renews the year in case he / she does not acquire the minimum number of ECTS credits (42 ECTS credits) for enrollment in the next year of study during the current school year. Tuition for the renewal of the year is calculated according to the number of exams he did not pass.
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How many subjects can I carry over to next year?

To enroll in the next year of study, a student must pass the exams from the current year in the amount of 42 ECTS credits.
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Can I get a scholarship?

A student with an average of 10.0 in the first three years of schooling in undergraduate studies can earn a scholarship for the fourth year of schooling. The student is required to pay 400 € for the thesis.

Exam deadlines

Students can take exams in six exam deadlines: January, April, June, July, September and October.  

Teaching materials

Teaching materials are available to students in electronic form and in the form of textbooks and scripts. Additional literature is available to students according to the recommendations of the subject professor.

Can I study and work?

The mix-mode system allows people who work or students who are employed during their studies to follow classes online. Practices are done in block classes on Saturdays.
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