On Saturday, October 10, 2020, students of the Faculty of Applied Ecology Futura were on a study visit to the Special Nature Reserve Zasavica. The study visit aimed at the implementation of practical teaching activities within the subjects Basics of Biology in the first year of study, Biodiversity Protection and Water Resources Management in the second year, Protection and improvement of forest and hunting resources and Preservation and improvement of urban ecosystems in the third year and Ecosystem Technologies in fourth year of study.

The students were introduced to the most important biological values ​​of SNR Zasavica, they were introduced to the most important rare and endangered species in this area, animal genetic resources and their importance and activities carried out in order to protect biodiversity. They had the opportunity to see and find out how the ecosystem processor works, which was constructed in SNR Zasavica for the purpose of wastewater treatment.

Students participated in a workshop entitled “Invasive species in the Republic of Serbia and in the area of ​​SNR Zasavica – problems and control measures” organized by the NGO Union of Ecologists UNECO. They listened to a block of lectures on the importance, negative impact on biodiversity and the most common invasive species in the Republic of Serbia and SRP Zasavica, and then during a walk through SNR Zasavica they had the opportunity to get acquainted with these invasive species in the field and learn which measures are taken in order to suppress them. In the field, they had the opportunity to see a bird feeder, the construction of which is another active measure to protect biodiversity in this area.

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