July15–29 2009

Great War Island


In the Organization of the Faculty of Applied Ecology “Futura” of Singidunum University, with the support of the Assembly of the City of Belgrade, JKP “Zelenilo Beograd”, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management – Republic Water Directorate and Coca-Cola System, the III Student Ecological a camp called “I LOVE THE DANUBE”. The ecological camp is one of a series of ecological and educational activities that are part of a wider campaign to celebrate the International Danube Day, and in our country the campaign is called “Danube. Our future. ” In countries across Europe, the initiator of the celebration of Danube Day is the International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River (ICPDR), composed of 14 countries in the Danube region.

The topic of this year’s camp was Ecoremediation, i.e. the process of remediation and taking measures to stop pollution and further degradation of the environment to a level that is safe for future use.


Addition to this, the goal of the project was, as every year, to draw the attention of the public, local authorities and relevant institutions to the need to protect the Great War Island.


  • Numerous thematic lectures within the ecological classroom (mediator – Prof. Dr. Lidija Amidžić
  • Tour of the drinking water treatment plant “Makiš”, pumping station “Mostar” and
    wastewater treatment plant from the Coca Cola Hellenic plant
  • Ckampovi_clip_image004leaning of the Galijaš fish hatchery on the Great War Island • Testing the quality of the Danube water with the help of the mobile laboratory of the Faculty of Applied Ecology FUTURA • Getting to know the activities and socializing with Young Researchers of Serbia • Socializing and observing birds with the Organization for Respect and Care of Animals ORCA
  • Artistic creative workshop in nature under the auspices of the academic painter Branko Conić
  • Socializing with famous artists
  • Socializing on the water (sailing on the Sava and Danube)


There were 39 students from 10 faculties of the University of Belgrade, Novi Sad, Nis, Kosovska Mitrovica, Singidunum University, as well as the Independent University of Banja Luka, who stayed in the Eco Camp on the Great War Island for two weeks in two shifts (from 07/15/ 2009 and from 07/22/2009). The camper students visited the wastewater treatment plants of the Coca-Cola Hellenic company, where they had the opportunity to see on a practical example how the used water is returned to nature. They also visited the plant for processing drinking water “Makiš” and the pumping station “Mostar”.

The media coverage of the camp was good. Articles were published in several dailies (Politika, Blic, Novosti…), and reports were recorded for some television stations (RTS, B92, Studio B).
A documentary about the “I LOVE THE DANUBE” camp was also made.

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