In the Organization of the Faculty of Applied Ecology Futura of Singidunum University, with the support of the Assembly of the City of Belgrade and PUC “Zelenilo Beograd” on the Great War Island was held the II student ecological camp called “Let’s save the Danube – Camp 08”. The ecological camp is one of a series of ecological and educational activities that are part of a wider campaign to celebrate the International Danube Day, and in our country the campaign is called “Danube. Our future. ” In countries across Europe, the initiator of the celebration of Danube Day is the International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River (ICPDR), composed of 14 countries in the Danube region. The topic of last year’s camp is water and the impact of water pollution on the environment, i.e .the protection of water and the coast from pollution.
The camp was held in two weekly shifts: The shift also lasted from July 6-13,  and II shift from July 13-20. In each shift, there were 30 students from different faculties from Serbia.

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