Candidate for enrollment in doctoral academic studies “Sustainable Development and Environment”, should have completed bachelor and master studies, with a achieved volume of 300 ECTS points, with an average grade of at least 8, with acquired basic knowledge of natural and mathematical sciences.

The order of candidates for enrollment in the first year of doctoral academic studies is determined on the basis of:

  • general average grades achieved in bachelor and master’s academic studies;
  • Achieved individual scientific research results and participation in the implementation of scientific research projects (in accordance with the General Act of the University which regulates the method of scoring scientific results); and
  • the impression which the Commission got about the candidate after the interview.

The study program of doctoral academic studies lasts for three years (6 semesters) and with a volume of 180 ECTS credits.

The title that is acquired after completing the studies is a Doctor of Science – science of environmental protection.

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Coordinator for doctoral academic studies

Doc. dr Svetlana Živković Radeta

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