On Monday 7/24/2017, this year’s X eco camp “Let’s save the Danube” on the Great War Island in Belgrade was completed with the presentation of previously done case studies. Students from various faculties all over the Serbia, during the nine days of the camp had the opportunity to listen to lectures by eminent experts dealing with the environment, with its protection, promotion and preservation, to visit Avala, visit the Great War Island, visit the wastewater treatment plant in the Coca-Cola complex Belgrade as well as to work in teams on a case study of the Great War Island. The team that, according to the jury, did their study the best, received camping equipment as a reward from the camp organizers. Dunja Nikolić, this year’s camp leader and student of the Faculty of Applied Ecology Futura, also received the award for running the camp.

All participants of the camp received certificates and thanks for their participation, as well as appropriate gifts from the organizers, but also many new experiences, friendships and moments that they will remember for a long time.

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