In the period from September 24 to 27, the Final Summit will be held, which will also represent the last, third stage of the Journey program 2020, organized by the Climate-KIC Association. This stage was also held in digital format, via the Zoom platform, and was hosted by Hamburg and Budapest.

All participants of the program gathered at the Summit – 400 students, 22 hosts, 22 coaches and 4 mediators of the Summit. The aim of this stage was to create a global system map where all individual ecosystem groups of the Journey 2020 program would be connected, as well as to define steps that would have a significant impact on changing existing ecosystems in the areas of regulation, agriculture, business and finance. circular economy, renewable energy, smart cities, transport, nature and biodiversity, human behavior and communication. Participants in individual Journey programs (as was our CYBELT) had the opportunity to reunite and socialize briefly. At the end of the Summit, all participants were awarded certificates of successful attendance at the Journey 2020 program.


To remind, in the first stage of this program, students had the opportunity to gain basic knowledge in the field of system innovation in a four-week gathering with coaches and hosts from Cyprus, Belgrade and Timisoara, as well as to make a group and individual action plan within the selected ecosystem. in the second stage they would be able to implement their action plans in their local communities.

Although they hosted the Journey program for the first time, the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and the Faculty of Applied Ecology FUTURA did an excellent job, which is confirmed by the results of the questionnaire given to the students of  CYBELT group after the first stage of the program. We hope that the good results achieved this year will enable Belgrade to host the Journey program in the years to come.

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