The last week of the first stage of the Journey program passed mainly in the sign of self-organization of participants. The hosts of Belgrade and Timisoara (Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Faculty of Applied Ecology Futura, Metropolitan University and Faculty of Economics and Business Administration from Timisoara) organized on August 4, 2020 last workshop called „Presenting and Telling a Story“, conducted by Milos Dosen, entrepreneur, old-fashioned activist and experienced coach. This workshop provided participants with a starting point for implementing an individual action plan, which they should implement in their local communities.

On the same day, an online party of Journey program participants was organized with students of Belgrade and Metropolitan University. The program included an initial introduction, followed by a quiz of interesting things related to Serbia. The last activity was a competition in designing choreography on a given musical theme. The whole evening was marked by laughter, music and dance, and there were comments that the participants’ perspectives related to Serbia have completely changed thanks to the entire program we organized for them.