Based on Article 84 of the Statute of the Faculty of Applies Ecology Futura (Number:1128112-144, from 11/03/2014), the Council of the Faculty, on its III session held 05/12/2015, starting from the strategic interest of the Faculty that scientific research work be in the function of science development and improvement of teaching quality, teaching of young scientists and introduction of students to scientific research work, made a





Article 1

A special scientific research, functional and organizational unit, the Futura Institute (hereinafter: the Institute), is established within the Faculty of Applied Ecology Futura (hereinafter: the Faculty) and its accreditation for performing scientific research activities.

Article 2

The tasks of the Institute are:

  • Carring of the accomplishment of the scientific and research activity within the plan and program of the scietific work;
  • Performing entrusted scientific adn research tasks, according to the contracts concluded with the interested authorities and organizations;
  • improvement of scientific and teaching methods in the field of applied ecology and integrative management, European integration, public policy and administration
  • helping in conducting teaching at the studies of the second and third level, especially organizing and enabling conducting scientific and research practice of students;
  • organization of the conferences, roundtables, expert forums, trainings, seminars, symposiums, professional meetings and other forms of scientific work;
  • establishing cooperation with economic entities, public sector, other faculties and scientific and research institutions in the country and abroad;
  • publishing scientific results and research works in the form of monographs, collections, magazines and other electronic and printed publications;
  • conducting applied and development researches;
  • researching ecological and social processes, systems and ideas at the national and international level;
  • improving and modernizing of the teaching content, programs and processes at all levels of studies, by applying the greatest scientific and research achievements;
  • involving students in scientific and research projects and in accordance with their individual papers during the studies (seminar papers, final papers, master thesis, doctoral dissertations);
  • monitoring mentor work of the professor and assistant with the students who opted for scientific and research paper;
  • providing business consulting services
  • making expert analyses;
  • making study cases on the examples of the enterprises which do business in Serbia;
  • organization of upcoming lectures;
  • fulfilling roles for permanent participation of the scientific and research youth at the scientific gatherings, study stays and other forms of specialization both in country and abroad;
  • monitoring the development of the gifted students of the Faculty during the studies in cooperation with the Center for Career Guidance and Counseling;
  • providing assistance to students in terms of their commitment to scientific research paper;
  • monitoring the representation of students in scientific research work at the Faculty

Organization, the manner of work, competencies and financing of the work of the Institute is more closely regulated by the Labor regulations of the Faculty.

Article 3

The Faculty Council appoints the Scientific Committee of the Institute, of 21 members, with the task of determining the strategic directions of development of the Institute, as well as to take care of the implementation of scientific projects and check the quality of project results.

The Dean of the Faculty, after the consultations and propositions of the Scientific Committee, with the special act, appoints the president of the Scientific Committee, for the period of 3 year.

The president of the Scientific Committee is accountable to the Dean and Scientific Committee for his work.

Article 4

The Institute will perform a significant part of their tasks through specialized Centers, in the following areas:

  • CSRD (Center for Sustainable Rural Development)
  • CERM (Center for Eco remediation)
  • CES (Center for Eco safety)
  • CRE (Center for Resource Economics)
  • CIE (Center for Integrative Ecology)

The work of the Center is coordinated by the head of the center appointed by the dean, on the proposal of the president of the Scientific committee of the Institute, for a period of three years.

The head of the center is accountable to the dean and the president of the Scientific Committee of the Institute for its work.

Article 5

The Institute will especially be dedicated to the development of scientific and research youth, throughout the following  activities:

  • providing conditions for the selection and admission of the best and most talented students of the Faculty who express interest and abilities for scientific research work, to the title of teaching associates
  • research within economy, entrepreneurial ideas, initiatives, innovations;
  • inclusion of a larger number of associates, assistants and students in scientific research and professional work of the Faculty, as well as in projects implemented by the Faculty
  • referral of young researchers to conferences, seminars, workshops and training programs in the field of natural-mathematical and social-humanistic sciences which are organized by domestic and international scientific and professional institutions;
  • referral of young researchers to specialization in the country and abroad, according to the cooperation which the Faculty has with other scientific and research organizations, especially within TEMPUS projects which are realized;
  • (co)financing the publishing of scientific publications by young researchers
  • Improvement, modernization and enrichment of teaching contents from the subjects of all levels of study programs through inclusion and applying of the results of the scientific and research paper;


Article 6

The Institutte will initiate the publication of a journal, a periodical called „FUTURA”, as well as the formation of an initial editorial office and a publishing council.

Article 7

The decision enters into force on the day of its adoption, and the competent bodies of the Faculty will take care of its implementation.

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